Jeet Kune Do

The Complete Combative System

Jeet Kune Do is the complete system designed by Bruce Lee for self defense for anyone! It prepares you for real life situations with usable, repeatable and functional skills in all areas of combat and self defense.

PhysicallyFun and Intense exercise. Teaching functional skills for self defense.
MentallyHelps relieve stress, gain confidence, and increase problem solving skills.

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EmotionallyIncreases Mental Clarity, Peace, Defeat anxiety and depression thru physical movement.
FunctionallyTeaches real life responses for real life threats. Develop skills
that you can use to protect your life and loved ones.


The Jeet Kune Do Program

Our Jeet Kune Do Program is designed around real world training that we have personally taught to law enforcement, military, and civilians. The program is taught in a fun, intense and progressive manner with extensive attention in all areas of combat including kickboxing, trapping, close quarters, grappling, mass attack, and weapons ranges. Each student will be assigned to our assistant instructors to ensure they have the best experience available, and information is not overwhelming. We also offer private instruction for the students who want the extra attention!


What Makes Our JKD Different Than The Rest?

Jeet Kune Do

Sifu Nik’s “Ballistic” Jeet Kune Do is unmatched and globally respected as being an industry leading program. We’ve personally taught it to law enforcement, military and civilians along with seminars across the country. This program has also been featured in international publications such as SWAT Magazine, Black Belt and many others. This comprehensive program is designed to teach you the art, science, training method and tactics of Jeet Kune Do for today’s world.


 Meet The Trainer

Xtreme Training Academy is filled with expertise, knowledge in Jeet Kune Do, and most importantly…people who care!




Nik Farooqui has been involved with the martial arts community for over 25 years and is highly respected as an industry leader. He is also the founder of several industry leading programs such as his Ballistic Jeet Kune Do, and his Fighting Chance Women’s Self Defense program. When he’s not on the mats, running the studio, he can be found teaching seminars across the U.S. to martial artists, law enforcement, military, and businesses.


"Sifu Nik is a world class instructor! He takes his time in teaching and makes sure that every student understands the information, and explains “why” we are doing the things we do. Very practical and useful training!"


"I love being a part of this program! I’ve lose weight, feel great and the training for self defense cannot be beaten. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to learn JeetKune Do. This is the only source I trust!"


"Xtreme Training Academy is a second home for me. The atmosphere is safe, fun, and very educational. Sifu Nik has taken the martial arts experience to a whole new level. I have black belts in multiple styles and never seen training like this. Best part is that Sifu Nik teaches me how to use what I already know to a higher proficiency."

Big Mike

"I’ve been a part of other JeetKune Do programs and find this to be the real deal. JeetKune Do by Sifu Nik simply makes sense. He has a no nonsense approach and delivers a REAL skillset."